Top 10 New Cryptocurrencies: 2023


Since the beginning of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin has become synonymous with crypto. But with the beginning of the crypto era many cryptocurrencies has emerged in the market. And so many investors are now going after these new coins which are below $1, with the anticipation of getting high return.

But not every new cryptocurrency will go the extra mile to compete in this competitive market. So, keeping in mind we have cherry pick some of the top 10 cryptocurrencies which are new in the market.

Guide to find New Cryptocurrencies

Every year new cryptocurrency are created, and listed in the market. the new listed crypto are hardly known to the public and only few intelligent crypto investor are able to get hold on these crypto. Over time give huge profit. In this article we have provided guide to find out promising crypto.

Research Presale Cryptos

Review the whitepaper thoroughly: The whitepaper stands as a pivotal document in any presale venture. It should present an intricate insight into the project, encompassing its objectives, team composition, and technological underpinnings.

Conduct independent research: Refrain from solely relying on whitepaper information. Undertake your investigation into the team, technology, and market. This entails delving into the team members’ backgrounds, their experience, and their historical achievements. Additionally, scrutinize the technological aspects of the project, assessing its innovativeness and potential for success.

Engage with fellow investors: Numerous online forums and communities facilitate conversations among investors concerning presale projects. This presents an excellent opportunity to gain diverse viewpoints and grasp potential risks.

Exercise patience: The development and launch of presale projects often span considerable time periods. It’s unrealistic to anticipate quick wealth accumulation through investments in presale cryptocurrencies.

Be active in social media

We live in the world of digital era where every single idea are shared and discussed. Join crypto related groups in facebook, twitter, reddit, discord etc. these are the platform where new topics goes viral. Now and then keep a close watch on the presale topics about cryptocurrency. Turn on the alert notification on the most trending topics about cryptocurrency, so that you will not miss the news about the presale topics.

Track New Cryptocurrency on the Exchanges

Every new cryptocurrencies get listed on the exchange. So one need to check reputed crypto exchange and look for new coins. Some of the top cryptocurrency exchanges include:

CoinMarketCap: CoinMarketCap stands out as a widely renowned platform for monitoring cryptocurrencies. It encompasses a comprehensive array of both prominent cryptocurrencies and lesser-known altcoins. You can use CoinMarketCap to track new tokens that have been added to exchanges.

CoinGecko: CoinGecko stands as a well-known cryptocurrency monitoring platform, providing a range of functionalities akin to CoinMarketCap. However, it distinguishes itself by incorporating extra data points, such as social media metrics and developer engagement, thus offering a more comprehensive perspective on the cryptocurrency landscape.

10 Best New Cryptocurrencies to Invest

Wall Street Memes (WSM):

Wall Street Memes (WSM): In the year 2023, a remarkable phenomenon emerged in the cryptocurrency realm – Wall Street Memes (WSM) coin. Symbolizing the tokenization of a grassroots retail movement against Wall Street’s dominance over financial markets, the $WSM token serves as a badge of honor for supporters of this movement.

Distinguishing itself from the flood of meme coins, WSM boasts several distinct attributes:

A Vibrant Community: The WSM community has grown into one of the most vibrant and engaged in the entire crypto space. This dynamic foundation not only fortifies the project but also drive the demand for the token itself.

A Transparent Roadmap: Guided by an unequivocal roadmap, the WSM team’s plans encompass a wide spectrum – from securing listings on prominent exchanges, to incubating novel products and services, all while fostering interactive community involvement initiatives.

Holistic Tokenomics for Holders: WSM’s tokenomics design orbits around rewarding holders through mechanisms such as staking rewards and well-timed airdrops. This intricate architecture for incentives effectively encourages long-term token retention.

TOKENOMIC: 100% of the $WSM token supply is for the Wall Street memes community, with 50% is set for presale.
1. 50%Marketing
2. 30%Community Rewards
3. 10%CEX Liquidity
4. 10%DEX Liquidity

As of 20th august 2023, the price of Wall Street memes is $ 0.0337 and has raised $ 25,857,564.27 . It is based on Ethereum chain, which supports payment method in ETH, USDT and Credit Card.


In 2022, the cryptocurrency scene welcomed the emergence of XRP20, a novel digital currency built on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC-20 token. Unlike its predecessor XRP, XRP20 is not associated with Ripple, the originating company of XRP. Instead, it operates as a community-led initiative with a goal to offer a decentralized and more inclusive alternative to XRP.

Setting itself apart from XRP, XRP20 introduces distinctive attributes. Notably, it adopts a deflationary approach, causing its token supply to steadily decrease over time. This deflationary mechanism is executed through transaction-based token burning, where a fraction of each transaction is eradicated. Additionally, XRP20 integrates staking rewards, allowing participants to amass more tokens by locking them in staking pools. Moreover, XRP20 proudly embraces a higher level of decentralization compared to its predecessor, steering clear of single-entity control.

Although the developmental journey of the XRP20 team is still in its early stages, their ambitions for the project are substantial. They are actively working on the creation of a decentralized exchange tailored for XRP20, alongside several other innovative applications. Their sights are also set on securing listings on prominent cryptocurrency exchanges.

1. Total Supply: 100,000,000,000
2. Presale (40%): 40,000,000,000
3. Staking (40%): 40,000,000,000
4. DEX Liquidity (10%): 10,000,000,000
5. Burn Allocation (10%): 10,000,000,000

As of 20th august 2023, the price of XRP20 is $ 0.000092 and has raised $ 3,103,158.81. It is based on Ethereum chain, which supports payment method in ETH, BNB and USDT.

The success of XRP20 remains uncertain at this juncture. Nevertheless, the project boasts several features that hold promise. Should the development team deliver on their commitments, XRP20 could potentially make a significant impact in the dynamic cryptocurrency landscape.

Launchpad XYZ (LPX)

LPX, the native token of Launchpad XYZ, serves as the cornerstone of this decentralized finance (DeFi) platform, designed to democratize Web3 investing for all. With LPX tokens, users can enjoy a range of benefits, including premium features on the platform, early access to emerging crypto projects, discounted trading fees, staking opportunities, and participation in platform governance. The total LPX token supply is set at 1 billion, with the presale concluded and tokens now tradable on several exchanges.

Key facets of Launchpad XYZ include

AI-Driven Investment Research: Utilizing artificial intelligence, Launchpad XYZ analyzes the dynamic crypto market to pinpoint promising investment prospects. This empowers users to make well-informed investment choices, fostering greater confidence in their decisions.

Fractional Trading: Launchpad XYZ pioneers fractional token trading, enabling users to invest in even the smallest crypto projects. This inclusivity facilitates participation in the Web3 revolution, regardless of individual budget constraints.

Exclusive Crypto Projects: Launchpad XYZ grants users exclusive early access to nascent crypto ventures, granting a unique opportunity to enter promising projects before they hit public exchanges. This potential for substantial profits is a significant draw for users.

Staking Rewards: LPX token holders can stake their tokens to earn rewards. The reward magnitude depends on both the staked LPX quantity and the duration of the stake, encouraging long-term engagement and commitment.

Decentralized Governance: Launchpad XYZ operates as a decentralized entity, affording users an influential role in its operation. LPX holders can cast votes on proposals shaping the platform’s future, ensuring a collaborative and inclusive decision-making process.

As of 20th august 2023, the price of Launchpad XYZ (LPX) is $ 0.0445 and has raised $ 1,348,089.45. It is based on Ethereum chain, which supports payment method in ETH, USDT and credit card.

While a recent entrant, Launchpad XYZ has already left an indelible mark on the crypto landscape. By enhancing accessibility and profitability in Web3 investment, the platform has emerged as a transformative force in the DeFi realm. Anticipated to play a substantial role moving forward, Launchpad XYZ is poised to become a prominent player in the rapidly evolving world of decentralized finance.


yPredict emerges as a cutting-edge cryptocurrency prediction platform leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning to meticulously analyze and anticipate cryptocurrency price trends. This innovative platform furnishes daily forecasts for over 250 cryptocurrencies, coupled with an array of technical analysis tools designed to empower investors in making well-informed choices.

Harnessing a multifaceted approach, yPredict’s predictions are underpinned by historical price data, an assortment of technical indicators, and pertinent news developments. This intricate AI algorithm remains in a perpetual state of learning and enhancement, adapting adeptly to the ever-evolving dynamics of the cryptocurrency market.

Past instances underscore yPredict’s prowess in accurate projections. Notably, in 2022, the platform adeptly foresaw Bitcoin’s decline from its record pinnacle of $69,000 to a sub-$50,000 territory. Furthermore, yPredict’s prescience was evident in its projection that Ethereum’s value would ascend to $4,000, a milestone that materialized in November of that year.

As of 20th august 2023, the price of yPredictis is $0.1 and has raised $ 3,527,311.55. It is based on polygon chain, which supports payment method in MATIC, ETH, USDT, BNB and credit card.

Nonetheless, it is imperative to acknowledge the inherent volatility and capricious nature of cryptocurrency prices. While yPredict’s predictions have demonstrated their validity in the past, they do not guarantee future performance. Prudent investors are well-advised to conduct their independent research prior to embarking on any investment decisions.


In 2021, a group of developers introduced Chimpzee, a user-centric cryptocurrency aiming to enhance accessibility. This cryptocurrency operates on the Binance Smart Chain and adheres to the BEP-20 token standard. One of its distinctive features is its deflationary nature, leading to a continuous reduction in the supply of Chimpzee tokens. The mechanism behind this lies in token burning, which permanently eliminates tokens from circulation.

Chimpzee was crafted with the intention of being a swift and cost-effective option for various transactions. Its transaction fee is remarkably low, standing at just 0.1%, making it a more economical alternative compared to other cryptocurrencies. What sets Chimpzee apart is its impressive transaction speed, capable of reaching up to 5 seconds.

1. 45% Public Sale
2. 15% Marketing
3. 10% Exchange & Liquidity
4. 10% Charity
5. 10% Development
6. 5% community Rewards
7. 5% Team (locked for 2 years)

As of 20th august 2023, the price of Chimpzee is $0.00095 and has raised $ 1,234,565. It is based on Ethereum chain, which supports payment method in ETH, USDT and credit card.

Although Chimpzee is relatively young in the cryptocurrency landscape, it possesses the potential to gain traction as a favored cryptocurrency for everyday transactions. With its attributes of speed, affordability, and user-friendliness, Chimpzee proves itself as an ideal choice for minor purchases.

Scorpion Casino

Scorpion Casino Token (SCORP) stands as a cryptocurrency designed to fuel the operations of the Scorpion Casino platform. Within this platform, an array of casino games, sports betting opportunities, and other gambling avenues await. The utility of SCORP tokens extends to game participation, bet placements, and the accumulation of rewards.

Elevated upon the Ethereum blockchain, Scorpion Casino Token adheres to a deflationary model. This implies that the overall supply of SCORP tokens is capped and will gradually diminish over time. This characteristic positions SCORP tokens favorably for those who hold a positive outlook on the convergence of cryptocurrency and online gambling.

1. Airdrops: 1%
2. Referrals: 1%
3. Presale bonus: 8%
4. Team and advisors: 5%
5. Marketing: 5%
6. Liquidity pool: 20%
7. Staking reward: 20%
8. Presale: 40%

As of 20th august 2023, the price of Scorpion Casino Token (SCORP) is $0.017 and has raised $ 789,165.40. It is based on Binance Smart Chain, which supports payment method in ETH, USDT and BNB.

Beyond their application within the Scorpion Casino ecosystem, SCORP tokens are tradable on various cryptocurrency exchanges. This translates to their status as a readily exchangeable asset, allowing for seamless buying and selling experiences.

eTukTuk (TUK)

The cryptocurrency known as eTukTuk (TUK) has been meticulously crafted to serve as the lifeblood of the eTukTuk ecosystem. This ecosystem revolves around a network comprising electric tuk-tuks and charging stations strategically situated in developing nations. At its core, the TUK token assumes a pivotal role, facilitating the seamless functioning of this network.

Inaugurated in 2018, eTukTuk was brought into being by a dedicated cohort of visionaries encompassing entrepreneurs and engineers. Their fervent commitment to sustainable transportation fuels the driving force behind this endeavor. With an overarching goal to democratize access to electric tuk-tuks and charging stations, the company’s mission echoes loudly: “Enabling widespread accessibility to electric tuk-tuks and charging infrastructure.”

As of 20th august 2023, the price of is eTukTuk  $0.024 and has raised $ 34,828. It is based on Binance Smart Chain, which supports payment method in USD.

While still in its early phase, the eTukTuk ecosystem possesses the potency to enact substantial transformations both in environmental sustainability and the quality of life within developing nations. At the nucleus of this transformative ecosystem stands the TUK token, a versatile instrument. It serves as the medium for settling charging fees, securing rewards through staking, and active participation in governance processes.

BTC20 (BTC20)

Introducing BTC20, an innovative ERC-20 token designed to democratize Bitcoin investment. Operating on a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) model, BTC20 empowers token holders to earn rewards through staking. With a fixed supply of 6.05 million tokens – mirroring Bitcoin’s initial supply in April 2011, when its value was a mere $1 – BTC20 aims to provide a more attainable and affordable gateway into the world of Bitcoin. It is based on Ethereum Chain, which supports payment method in USDT and ETH.

Although still in its early stages, BTC20 exhibits the potential to emerge as a significant contender within the cryptocurrency landscape. Supported by a seasoned team of developers and investors, its mission revolves around enhancing Bitcoin’s accessibility for a wider audience.

Pikamoon (PIKA)

Pikamoon (PIKA) stands as a deflationary cryptocurrency with a purpose tied to the vibrant Pikamoon metaverse. This innovative project embraces a play-to-earn (P2E) gaming approach, drawing inspiration from the beloved Pokemon franchise. Within this immersive game, participants can engage in collecting, battling, and trading Pikamoon NFTs, creating a dynamic virtual experience. PIKA tokens play a pivotal role in this ecosystem, facilitating the acquisition of diverse in-game assets like land, weapons, and spells through the Pikamoon marketplace.

At present, Pikamoon is navigating its presale phase, a critical stage in its development. With a total supply of 50 billion PIKA tokens, 30% of these tokens are earmarked for acquisition during the presale. This phase is strategically divided into three segments, each marked by an ascending price for PIKA tokens. The presale period is set to conclude on March 31, 2023.

Following the presale, PIKA tokens will enter the broader market through a listing on multiple exchanges. Although the precise exchanges remain undisclosed, the project’s creators aspire to secure positions on prominent platforms such as Binance and Coinbase.It is based on Ethereum Chain, which supports payment method in USD and ETH.

While Pikamoon’s ultimate success remains to be seen due to its early nature, the project is underpinned by a proficient team with a solid history in the cryptocurrency sector. Their lucid vision for Pikamoon bolsters its prospects. If this vision materializes into success, the value of PIKA tokens could become notably substantial.

Cogwise (COGW)

Cogwise (COGW) emerges as a fresh entrant in the cryptocurrency realm, presently navigating its presale phase. This innovative cryptocurrency operates on a decentralized platform, harnessing the capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver a diverse array of financial services encompassing asset management, trading, and lending. At the heart of the Cogwise ecosystem lies its native currency, the COGW token, serving as the medium for fee payments, feature access, and active participation in governance mechanisms.

While still in its nascent stages of development, Cogwise exhibits the promise of becoming a significant contender within the cryptocurrency domain. The team steering Cogwise boasts a robust fusion of AI and financial expertise, underpinning a compelling vision for the transformation of the financial sector through AI integration.

The salient features of Cogwise encompass

AI-Powered Financial Solutions: Through AI integration, Cogwise facilitates the provision of a diverse spectrum of financial services, spanning asset management, trading, and lending. This avant-garde approach grants users access to high-quality financial services minus the conventional intermediaries.

Decentralization Paradigm: Cogwise stands as a decentralized platform, thus insulating itself from governmental influence or control. This pivotal attribute ensures heightened security and transparency in financial transactions within the platform.

Native Token: The COGW token assumes a central role within the Cogwise ecosystem. It not only facilitates the settlement of fees but also serves as the conduit for unlocking platform features and engaging in governance processes. This design aligns COGW token holders’ interests with the platform’s success trajectory.

It’s crucial to recognize that investing in Cogwise carries inherent risks due to its status as a new cryptocurrency. As it navigates its initial stages of development, Cogwise holds the potential to carve a distinctive niche in the cryptocurrency landscape. However, prudent investors should exercise due diligence and conduct thorough research before contemplating an investment in COGW.


The lists of cryptocurrency listed above have a huge potential to give a good return. As we can see the world of cryptocurrency remains uncertain, yet its capability to reshape our understanding of currency is evident. With growing interest in cryptocurrency, it is expected to see more new coins and tokens in the years ahead, further fueling this evolving landscape.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ques 1: What are the newest Cryptos?

Ans: There are many new cryptocurrencies being launched every day. Here are a few of the newest cryptocurrencies that have been gaining attention recently: Chimpzee (CHIMPZ) , Scorpion Casino (SCORP), eTukTuk (TUK), Worldcoin (WLD) and Wall Street Memes (WSM),

Ques 2: Which coin will pump in 2023?

Ans: Predicting which cryptocurrency will experience a significant price increase (or “pump”) in 2023 is extremely challenging due to the inherent volatility and unpredictability of the cryptocurrency market. Nonetheless, there are several coins that exhibit the potential for substantial value appreciation in the upcoming year. Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), ApeCoin (APE), Solana (SOL) etc.

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