Top 10 NFT Marketplace

Top 10 NFT Marketplace for 2023

An NFT market functions as an online platform that facilitates the decentralized exchange and peer-to-peer trading of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Non-fungible tokens are indivisible cryptographic assets residing on a blockchain network, possessing unique characteristics and metadata that distinguish them from one another.


Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have gained a lot of attraction as a method for owning and exchanging digital assets like artwork, music, videos, and various online collectibles. These unique tokens are built and exchanged upon blockchain technology, which is the fundamental innovation supporting cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum etc.

There are many different NFT marketplaces out there, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. The Top 10 NFT Marketplace are listed below:


Open Sea

OpenSea holds  its position as the foremost NFT marketplace globally, boasting an extensive inventory of over 300 million listed NFTs and facilitating trading volume exceeding $3 billion. This platform offers comprehensive support for various NFT categories, encompassing artworks, collectibles, domain names, and more.

To initiate the process of selling an NFT on OpenSea, prospective sellers must create an account and establish a connection with a compatible crypto wallet. Once these initial steps are completed, the seller gains the ability to list their NFT for sale.

OpenSea provides two primary listing options

Fixed-price listings: These listings persist until the NFT is sold or manually delisted by the seller.

Auction listings: These listings commence with a predetermined starting price and possess a defined time limit. The highest bidder at the conclusion of the auction secures ownership of the NFT.

When sellers list an NFT for sale on OpenSea, they are required to remit a listing fee, which currently amounts to 2.5% of the designated sale price.

Additionally, OpenSea imposes a transaction fee upon the successful sale of an NFT. This fee, equating to 2.5% of the sale price, is assumed by the buyer.

Advantages of OpenSea

Market Dominance: OpenSea’s status as the preeminent NFT marketplace globally enhances the likelihood of discovering potential buyers for listed NFTs.

User-Friendly Experience: OpenSea prioritizes user accessibility, ensuring a streamlined and intuitive interface that simplifies the process of navigating and utilizing the platform.

Diverse NFT Support: OpenSea accommodates an expansive array of NFT categories, enabling sellers to explore and tap into diverse markets and audiences.

Disadvantages of OpenSea

Intense Competition: The immense popularity of OpenSea translates into a highly competitive environment where gaining visibility for listed NFTs can prove challenging amidst the vast and ever-expanding collection available.

Accumulated Fees: Utilizing OpenSea entails expenses that can accumulate, particularly when selling high-value NFTs. The combined impact of the listing fee and transaction fee contributes to the overall costs borne by the seller.

Previous Security Concerns: OpenSea has experienced security issues in the past, raising potential concerns about the platform’s reliability and integrity.


OpenSea presents a compelling option for selling NFTs, leveraging its dominant position as the leading marketplace. The platform’s user-friendly interface and comprehensive NFT support render it an attractive choice for sellers. However, sellers must contend with fierce competition, remain cognizant of the associated fees, and bear in mind OpenSea’s historical security concerns.



Rarible, a prominent NFT marketplace, has gained significant popularity as a decentralized platform for creating, purchasing, selling, and trading digital collectibles. The marketplace supports a diverse range of NFT categories, encompassing artworks, collectibles, music, and videos, appealing to a wide range of interests and preferences.

Advantages of Rarible

Decentralized marketplace: Rarible lies in its decentralized architecture, which eliminates the reliance on a central authority. By operating on a decentralized model, Rarible ensures heightened security and transparency for its users. The absence of a single point of failure mitigates the risks associated with centralized control.

Supports multiple NFT standards: Rarible leverages the Ethereum blockchain to facilitate seamless transactions, taking advantage of its robust infrastructure. The marketplace boasts compatibility with multiple NFT standards, such as ERC-721 and ERC-1155, underscoring its versatility in accommodating various NFT types. This broad support for standards ensures seamless interoperability within the ecosystem, attracting both creators and collectors alike.

User-friendly interface: The user interface of Rarible exhibits a user-friendly design, streamlining the processes involved in creating, purchasing, selling, and trading NFTs. This intuitive interface simplifies navigation and fosters a smooth user experience, enabling individuals, even those with limited familiarity in the NFT domain, to actively engage with the marketplace.

Disadvantage of Rarible

Gas fees can be high: Rarible, like other Ethereum-based platforms, encounters the challenge of high gas fees, which denote the transaction costs on the Ethereum network. The congestion and scalability issues faced by the Ethereum blockchain contribute to these elevated fees. Users must exercise caution and account for these costs when executing transactions on the platform.

Some NFTs are overpriced: Moreover, as is the case in any marketplace, certain NFTs listed on Rarible may exhibit overpricing tendencies. The valuation of NFTs relies on the interplay between supply and demand dynamics, occasionally resulting in items being priced above their perceived worth. Vigilance, extensive research, and due diligence are imperative for buyers to make informed purchase decisions.

The platform can be slow at times: Rarible’s performance may be subject to intermittent disruptions or sluggishness stemming from network congestion. These issues, inherent to Ethereum-based applications, can lead to delays or suboptimal responsiveness. Users should be prepared for occasional limitations in platform performance.


Rarible is a reputable and versatile NFT marketplace that provides a wide array of digital collectibles. Its decentralized architecture ensures robust security and transparency, while comprehensive support for multiple NFT standards enhances compatibility. The user-friendly interface facilitates ease of use for individuals across varying proficiency levels. Nevertheless, users must remain mindful of potential high gas fees, exercise caution regarding overpriced NFTs, and account for occasional network-related performance limitations.

NBA Top Shot

NBA Top Shot

The NBA Top Shot NFT market functions as a digital marketplace wherein fans can engage in the acquisition, sale, and exchange of digital collectibles that are derived from NBA video clips. Its establishment in 2020 has propelled it to become one of the preeminent NFT marketplaces globally, attracting a significant user base.

The NBA Top Shot NFT market employs a hierarchical tier structure, comprising Legendary, Rare, Fandom, and Common moments. Legendary moments occupy the upper echelons of rarity and value, while Common moments represent the most abundant and least valuable offerings. The pricing dynamics of NBA Top Shot NFTs are influenced by multifarious factors, including the rarity of the moment, the player’s performance, and the prevailing market demand.

Remarkable transactions within the NBA Top Shot NFT market have borne witness to the sale of high-value collectibles. Notable examples encompass LeBron James’ “The Shot” moment during Game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals, which commanded a price of $230,000, as well as his “From the Top” moment from the 2020 NBA Finals, securing a staggering price tag of $210,000. Similarly, the “Holo MMXX” moments of Ja Morant and Zion Williamson from the 2020-21 season fetched $100,000 and $115,000 respectively.

The NBA Top Shot NFT market is experiencing rapid expansion, with the value of its collectibles exhibiting a steadfast upward trajectory in recent months. This escalation can be attributed, in part, to the burgeoning popularity of NFTs in the broader market landscape and the concurrent surge in demand for the NBA Top Shot platform.



Foundation is an esteemed and meticulously curated NFT marketplace that specializes in facilitating the trading of digital art and collectibles. Since its inception in 2020, it has rapidly emerged as a preeminent platform, renowned for its focus on high-end digital artwork.

The platform’s distinctive characteristic lies in its exclusive and invitation-only approach to accepting artworks. Unlike conventional marketplaces that entertain submissions from any source, Foundation meticulously curates its collection to ensure that only artworks of exceptional quality and artistic merit gain entry into its esteemed ecosystem.

A thriving and dynamic community of passionate artists and collectors sets Foundation apart. This vibrant community is deeply immersed in the world of digital art, ardently promoting the artworks available on the platform. The enthusiastic participation of this community bolsters engagement and potentially augments the intrinsic value of the artworks showcased on Foundation.

In terms of transactional fees, Foundation imposes a nominal 5% marketplace fee on all primary and secondary market sales. However, for Drops, which constitute meticulously curated releases, the platform applies a slightly higher marketplace fee of 15% on primary market sales.

The impressive track record of Foundation is exemplified by a series of noteworthy transactions that have attained record-breaking prices within the NFT landscape. Notably, Beeple’s groundbreaking piece, “Everydays: The First 5000 Days,” garnered an astonishing sum of approximately $69.3 million. Equally remarkable is the sale of CryptoPunk #7523, which achieved a remarkable value of approximately $11.8 million. Further adding to Foundation’s accolades, Beeple’s “Human One” commanded a substantial price of around $28.9 million.

For artists and collectors seeking a distinguished platform to engage in the acquisition and sale of high-end digital art, Foundation stands out as an unrivaled choice. With its fastidious curation, fervent community, and unwavering commitment to transparency and equity, Foundation offers an exemplary and dependable marketplace within the NFT ecosystem.



BitKeep NFT Market is an aggregated NFT marketplace that provides users with a streamlined and efficient approach to purchasing NFTs listed on third-party platforms. The platform offers extensive multi-chain support, enabling seamless transactions involving NFTs on popular blockchains such as Ethereum (ETH), Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Huobi Eco Chain (HECO), and Polygon.

BitKeep NFT Market has aggregate listings from multiple NFT marketplaces. Through intelligent data gathering and integration, users gain access to a comprehensive selection of NFTs from various sources, empowering them to discover and evaluate the most appealing deals and opportunities within a single unified interface.

The platform gives s user-friendly design interface, catering to both novice and experienced users alike. Its well-crafted user interface facilitates effortless browsing, bidding, and purchasing processes, minimizing complexity and optimizing user engagement. Leveraging a combination of intuitive interactions and streamlined workflows, BitKeep NFT Market eliminates the need for cumbersome plug-ins, delivering a frictionless experience from start to finish.

Security is a paramount concern for BitKeep NFT Market. With the aim of safeguarding users’ valuable NFT assets, the platform deploys industry-leading security measures. By leveraging cutting-edge encryption, secure data transmission protocols, and robust authentication mechanisms, BitKeep NFT Market ensures the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of user data and transactions. Through a diligent focus on security, the platform mitigates risks associated with unauthorized access, data breaches, and other potential threats, instilling confidence in users’ NFT holdings.

In essence, BitKeep NFT Market stands as a comprehensive and technically advanced platform that consolidates NFT listings across multiple blockchains and marketplaces. With its technically refined yet accessible interface, broad support for various chains, and unwavering commitment to security, BitKeep NFT Market provides users with an efficient, secure, and hassle-free environment to explore, bid on, and acquire NFTs, all without the need for additional plugins or complexities.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity

The Axie Infinity NFT market has emerged as a prominent marketplace where players can engage in buying, selling, and trading Axies, which are unique in-game creatures utilized for battling, breeding, and collection purposes. This marketplace is accessible to anyone, and Axies can be acquired or sold using either Ethereum (ETH) or Smooth Love Potion (SLP) tokens.

The current prices of Axies within the market exhibit significant variation depending on factors such as rarity, genetic makeup, and skills. While the least expensive Axies are priced at approximately $10, the most valuable and sought-after Axies can command prices exceeding $10,000.

In recent times, the Axie Infinity NFT market has experienced remarkable growth, coinciding with the game’s surging popularity. In March 2021, the cumulative value of Axies traded on the market surpassed $1 million. Remarkably, by December 2021, this figure escalated to over $3 billion, indicating the market’s exponential expansion.

The expansion of the Axie Infinity NFT market can be attributed to various factors, including the game’s widespread appeal, the high demand for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and the opportunity for players to earn real-world rewards by utilizing Axies.

Theta Drop

Theta Drop

Theta Drop is an NFT marketplace that specifically caters to the esports, gaming, and entertainment sectors, leveraging the capabilities of the Theta Network, a blockchain network purpose-built for media and entertainment applications. This innovative platform empowers users to engage in the buying, selling, and trading of NFTs, while also facilitating participation in live NFT drops and auctions.

Features of Theta Drop

Real-time NFT Drops and Auctions: Theta Drop distinguishes itself by offering live streaming of NFT drops and auctions. This real-time functionality allows users to actively participate in these events as they unfold.

Multi-Blockchain Support: Theta Drop exhibits compatibility with multiple blockchains, including the Theta Network, Ethereum, and Binance Smart Chain. By embracing a diverse range of blockchains, users gain the ability to transact with NFTs minted on different blockchain protocols.

KYC Verification: To enhance user security and safeguard against fraudulent activities, Theta Drop enforces a stringent Know Your Customer (KYC) verification process. This mandatory verification procedure ensures the legitimacy of participants engaging in NFT buying or selling activities.

Community Engagement: Theta Drop goes beyond being a mere marketplace by fostering an interactive community experience. Users can actively participate in forums, delve into informative blog posts, and leverage the platform’s extensive social media presence. These community-oriented features facilitate connections between users, enabling discussions and discourse surrounding NFTs.

Notable NFTs available on Theta Drop

World Poker Tour Digital Collectibles: Through a partnership with the esteemed World Poker Tour, Theta Drop offers digital collectibles that feature prominent poker players. These exclusive digital items cater to poker enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Theta Beast NFTs: Introduced in 2022, Theta Beasts are a series of 3D NFTs specifically crafted for integration into diverse gaming experiences and applications. These immersive and visually captivating NFTs hold significant potential for various interactive use cases.

Katy Perry NFTs: In collaboration with global music icon Katy Perry, Theta Drop showcases a collection of NFTs that pay homage to her illustrious music career. These multifaceted NFTs include collectible cards, digital artworks, and even coveted concert tickets, providing a comprehensive experience for Katy Perry fans and NFT enthusiasts alike.

Despite being a relatively recent addition to the NFT marketplace landscape, Theta Drop has already achieved notable milestones. The platform has successfully hosted high-profile NFT drops, cultivating a burgeoning user community. For individuals seeking NFT transactions within the esports, gaming, and entertainment domains, Theta Drop emerges as an exceptional platform offering a range of compelling opportunities.

Nifty Gateway

Nifty Gateway NFT Marketplace

Nifty Gateway is an esteemed NFT marketplace renowned for facilitating the purchase, sale, and collection of digital artworks and collectibles. Established in 2018 by Duncan Cock Foster and Griffin Cock Foster, the platform was subsequently acquired by the cryptocurrency exchange Gemini in 2019.

Distinguished by its emphasis on high-end digital art, Nifty Gateway has forged partnerships with prominent figures in the NFT space, including Beeple, Pak, and Daniel Arsham. The platform offers meticulously curated collections that serve as a gateway to novel NFT discoveries and cater to users’ artistic preferences. Additionally, Nifty Gateway equips creators with an array of tools empowering them to vend their own NFTs. These functionalities encompass the creation and sale of limited-edition NFTs as well as the establishment of royalty frameworks.

As one of the foremost NFT marketplaces, Nifty Gateway has facilitated transactions surpassing $1 billion in value. It has earned a reputation as a trusted platform for NFT exchange, bolstered by its secure infrastructure underpinned by the Ethereum blockchain, assuring the inviolability and safety of NFT holdings.

Advantages of Nifty Gateway

Fiat on-ramp: Nifty Gateway affords users the convenience of purchasing NFTs utilizing fiat currencies such as USD, EUR, and GBP, streamlining the onboarding process for neophytes in the NFT realm.

Curated collections: The platform showcases meticulously curated collections curated by the proficient Nifty Gateway team, offering a curated avenue for unearthing new and enthralling NFT specimens.

Creator tools: Nifty Gateway endows creators with an extensive suite of tools to propel the sales of their NFTs, encompassing the creation and vending of limited-edition NFTs and the ability to establish royalty mechanisms.

Secure platform: By leveraging the Ethereum blockchain, Nifty Gateway fortifies the sanctity and security of NFT ownership, ensuring that transactions are executed in an impregnable environment.

Disadvantages of Nifty Gateway

Limited selection: In comparison to alternative platforms, Nifty Gateway may exhibit a more confined assortment of available NFTs, potentially limiting the scope of choices for users.

High fees: Nifty Gateway imposes comparatively elevated fees for NFT transactions, surpassing those levied by certain competing platforms.

Limited functionality: While offering a robust set of features, Nifty Gateway may not encompass the same breadth and depth of advanced functionalities observed in certain other NFT marketplaces.

In summary, Nifty Gateway stands as a reputable platform, facilitating the seamless exchange of NFTs. Its user-friendly interface, emphasis on high-end digital art, and prestigious collaborations with notable artists contribute to its standing in the market. However, it is important to acknowledge the potential limitations of Nifty Gateway, such as a more restricted selection, higher transaction fees, and comparatively fewer advanced features when juxtaposed with alternative NFT marketplaces.


Mintable NFT Marketplace

Mintable is a renowned NFT marketplace that was established in 2018 by Zach Burks, headquartered in New York City. It has garnered substantial popularity within the NFT ecosystem, amassing a user base exceeding 200,000 individuals and facilitating sales surpassing $100 million.

Features of Mintable market

One of Mintable’s standout features is its innovative gasless minting functionality, which obviates the need for users to bear the burdensome cost of gas fees. By eliminating this financial hurdle, creators can seamlessly generate NFTs without incurring excessive expenses, thereby enhancing accessibility and affordability.

Another notable aspect of Mintable is its provision for creators to establish royalties on their NFTs. This empowering capability enables artists to receive a percentage of the resale value whenever their NFTs are subsequently traded. Royalties not only foster ongoing revenue streams for creators but also incentivize the creation of valuable and distinct NFT assets.

Limitation of Mintable market

Mintable market exclusively supports the Ethereum blockchain. Although Ethereum enjoys widespread adoption and utilization, this restriction limits the platform’s interoperability with alternative blockchain ecosystems, potentially impeding users seeking compatibility with other chains.

Another drawback of Mintable manifests in the form of elevated fees associated with credit card transactions. Users opting to employ credit cards for their purchases may incur higher costs compared to alternative payment methods.

Lastly, a subset of users has reported subpar responsiveness from Mintable’s customer support, resulting in delays in issue resolution. This aspect can prove frustrating for individuals seeking timely assistance or resolution of concerns.

In conclusion, Mintable boasts compelling features that cater to both NFT creators and collectors. The implementation of gasless minting, the provision for royalties, and the availability of educational resources make it an enticing platform. Nevertheless, the platform’s exclusive support for the Ethereum blockchain, relatively high credit card fees, and intermittent customer support delays necessitate careful consideration by prospective users.

Larva Labs/CryptoPunks

Larva Labs/CryptoPunks

The Larva Labs NFT market is an online platform specifically dedicated to the trading of CryptoPunks and Meebits non-fungible tokens (NFTs). It serves as a digital marketplace where users can engage in the purchase and sale of these unique digital assets. The market operates continuously, providing 24/7 accessibility to participants.

To participate in the Larva Labs NFT market, users can utilize any Ethereum wallet compatible with the Ethereum blockchain to conduct their NFT transactions. This inclusive approach allows users to leverage their preferred Ethereum wallets, whether they are web-based, mobile, or hardware wallets, to facilitate the buying and selling of NFTs on the platform.

Regarding the current pricing landscape, the lowest-priced CryptoPunk available on the market stands at 50.99 ETH, equivalent to $92,514.73 USD. Similarly, the minimum price for a Meebit NFT is currently set at 1.7 ETH, translating to $2,900 USD. These prices are subject to change as market forces and demand fluctuate, affecting the valuations of these digital assets.

The Larva Labs NFT market has experienced substantial trading activity, culminating in a cumulative sales value exceeding $2.59 billion. This figure underscores the substantial economic significance and widespread adoption of CryptoPunks and Meebits within the NFT ecosystem.

It is important to note that in March 2022, Larva Labs executed a transfer of the intellectual properties associated with CryptoPunks and Meebits to Yuga Labs, the creator of the Bored Apes Yacht Club NFT collection, effectively changing ownership. However, the Larva Labs NFT market continues to operate independently, enabling users to continue engaging in the purchase and sale of CryptoPunks and Meebits NFTs on the platform.

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Ques 1. What is the most popular marketplace for NFT?

Ans: The most popular NFT marketplace is the OpenSea. It is the largest platform available so far.

Ques 2. What are the top 3 NFT markets?

Ans: The Top 3 NFT markets are Opensea, Rarible and BitKeep.


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