Top 20 NFTs

Top 20 NFTs

NFT, short for non-fungible tokens, is an exclusive form of digital asset that resides on a blockchain, a distributed ledger technology. NFTs possess the ability to represent unparalleled entities such as artwork, music, videos, or even individual tweets.


Cryptopunks is an Ethereum blockchain-based collection of 10,000 unique digital collectibles, emerged as a groundbreaking paradigm within the realm of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in 2017. Crafted by Larva Labs’ founders, Matt Hall and John Watkinson, these pixel art images stand at a diminutive 24×24 resolution, depicting audacious punk-inspired characters. Initially disseminated as complimentary assets, CryptoPunks have experienced an extraordinary surge in demand, commanding exorbitant prices that often soar into the multimillion-dollar range.

The assortment encompasses a gender distribution of 9,000 males and 1,000 females, with each CryptoPunk boasting an unparalleled combination of attributes, including hair color, facial hair, headwear, and accessories. Amidst this vast array, several extraordinary and rare variants exist, including apes, zombies, and aliens, intensifying their allure and desirability.

The unprecedented popularity and substantial valuation of CryptoPunks have catapulted them to the forefront of the NFT movement. Notably, in February 2022, the groundbreaking sale of CryptoPunk #5196 shattered records at a staggering $23.7 million, firmly securing its position as the most expensive CryptoPunk ever transacted. Shortly thereafter, in March 2022, CryptoPunk #7523 achieved a remarkable sale of $11.8 million, solidifying its position as the second most valuable CryptoPunk.

Beyond their considerable financial impact, CryptoPunks have evolved into a cultural phenomenon, attracting extensive coverage from distinguished publications such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Forbes. Furthermore, these digital collectibles have been showcased in renowned museums and galleries worldwide, underscoring their pivotal role in contemporary artistic discourse.

Milady NFT

Milady Maker is an exceptional collection of 10,000 neochibi-style profile picture NFTs that draws inspiration from the street-style tribes of Y2K Japan. Created by the esteemed Remilia Collective, a team of talented artists and developers based in Japan, each Milady within the collection is uniquely crafted with over 150 possible traits. These traits encompass various features such as hair, eyes, clothes, and accessories, ensuring that each Milady possesses its own distinctive charm.

The launch of Milady Maker took place on February 25, 2023, and its captivating art style coupled with its origins from 4chan propelled it to instant fame. In a matter of hours, the entire collection was completely sold out, attesting to its immense popularity.

As proud owners of Milady NFTs, holders gain access to an array of exclusive benefits. This includes early access to future projects developed by the ingenious Remilia Collective, granting them a privileged position within the creative journey. Additionally, Milady holders receive exclusive discounts and airdrops, further enhancing their experience and allowing them to expand their collections. Moreover, they are granted the power to influence future developments related to Milady Maker through voting, ensuring their voices are heard and their opinions shape the evolution of the project.

Adam Bomb Squad (ABS)

Adam Bomb Squad comprises a distinguished assortment of 5,000 exclusive non-fungible tokens (NFTs) meticulously crafted by The Hundreds, a renowned streetwear brand with a foundation dating back to 2003. Each ABS NFT encapsulates the quintessential essence of the beloved cartoon persona, Adam Bomb, artfully portrayed through a diverse repertoire of visually captivating styles and dynamic poses. Marking its inaugural release in July 2021, the ABS NFTs swiftly attained the status of a highly sought-after commodity, boasting a rapid sell-out that garnered fervent attention and adoration from avid enthusiasts and discerning collectors alike.

Art Blocks Curated

Art Blocks Curated is an esteemed compilation of generative art non-fungible tokens (NFTs) meticulously curated by the Art Blocks curation team. These NFTs have been selected based on their exceptional levels of innovation, technical sophistication, and aesthetic allure. The collection showcases the work of a diverse range of artists, encompassing both established figures and up-and-coming talents within the NFT domain.

Among the highly coveted NFTs within the Art Blocks Curated collection, the following selections have gained significant popularity:

1. Ringers by Dmitri Cherniak: This particular series of generative portraits captivates viewers with its visually striking geometric compositions and vivid chromatic palettes.
2. Fidenza by Tyler Hobbs: Widely regarded as one of the most iconic NFT projects in existence, Fidenza showcases pixelated landscapes that evoke a sense of wonder and nostalgia.
3. Random Rings by Random Character Collective: This collection of generative rings is celebrated for its playful and vibrant designs.
4. Universal Colors by Meebits: The Universal Colors collection showcases a series of generative characters distinguished by their distinct and expressive designs.

Art Blocks Curated has garnered considerable acclaim and recognition within the NFT community, owing to its unwavering commitment to showcasing cutting-edge generative art that pushes the boundaries of creativity and technical proficiency. The collection’s ability to exemplify the vast potential and diversity of generative art in the digital realm has resonated strongly with collectors and art enthusiasts alike.


Azuki represents a curated compilation of 10,000 non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that employ generative algorithms to produce anime-inspired avatar variations. Unveiled on January 12, 2022, these digital assets boast distinct visual aesthetics and individualized personalities. Rapidly ascending in prominence, Azuki has emerged as a preeminent NFT collection, commanding a minimum asking price of 2 ETH and garnering substantial global attention.

The Bored Ape Yacht Club

The Bored Ape Yacht Club is an esteemed assemblage of 10,000 distinctive Bored Ape non-fungible tokens (NFTs), each endowed with autonomously generated attributes encompassing facial expressions, apparel, and accessories. These NFTs are securely stored on the Ethereum blockchain, ensuring robust immutability and verifiability, while offering privileged entitlements such as access to the vibrant Bored Ape Yacht Club Discord server and exclusive real-world engagements.

In recent months, the meteoric surge in popularity of Bored Ape NFTs has reached unprecedented heights, resulting in a notable upswing in valuation, with select specimens fetching exorbitant sums, extending into the realm of millions of dollars. In a remarkable transaction transpiring in March 2022, a solitary Bored Ape NFT was successfully transacted for an astonishing record-breaking price of $3.4 million. This extraordinary performance has fostered the proliferation of analogous primate-themed NFT collections, such as the Mutant Ape Yacht Club and Bored Ape Kennel Club.

Indubitably, the Bored Ape Yacht Club now stands as an illustrious and coveted NFT assortment on a global scale. Its unprecedented ascent has proven instrumental in propelling the nascent NFT industry to unprecedented heights, captivating enthusiasts and positioning its creators, Yuga Labs, as preeminent and prosperous pioneers within the expansive NFT landscape.

Cool Cats

Cool Cats is a renowned collection of 9,999 distinct and carefully curated NFTs, residing on the Ethereum Blockchain. Each Cool Cat possesses its own distinctive personality and style, making it a unique and sought-after digital artwork.

Holders of Cool Cats NFTs enjoy exclusive access to a wide array of engaging events, including NFT claims, raffles, community giveaways, and more. The Cool Cats community stands out as one of the most active and involved communities within the NFT space, fostering a vibrant and passionate environment.

Since their initial launch in 2021, Cool Cats have experienced a remarkable surge in value. The current floor price for a Cool Cat hovers around 10 ETH, equating to over $30,000. This substantial increase in value has solidified Cool Cats’ status as a favored choice for collectors and investors alike.

Cool Cats are widely recognized as a valuable digital asset with substantial potential for appreciation over time. Their combination of unique characteristics, active community, and rising value has contributed to their enduring popularity in the NFT market.

Crypto Ape

Crypto Apes is a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs built on the Ethereum blockchain, each offering distinctive traits such as fur color, clothing, accessories, and more. These randomly generated Crypto Apes have garnered attention and excitement within the NFT space. Holders of Crypto Apes enjoy exclusive benefits, including early access to new projects and discounts on merchandise, fostering a vibrant and engaged community.

Since their launch in 2022, Crypto Apes have experienced a substantial increase in value. Currently, the floor price for a Crypto Ape stands at around 0.5 ETH, equivalent to over $1,500. As a result, Crypto Apes have become a sought-after choice for both collectors and investors alike. The community perceives them as valuable assets capable of appreciating in value over time.

Crypto Baristas

Crypto Baristas, introduced by The Coffee Bros. in 2022, comprises a collection of 10,000 distinctive NFTs. These NFTs feature fully-rendered 3D characters that serve as profile pictures and can be traded within the secondary market. Alongside their artistic appeal, Crypto Baristas offer exclusive benefits to their holders, including:

1. Voting rights: Holders of Crypto Baristas possess the privilege to participate in shaping the project’s future direction through voting.

2. Barista Bank access: A portion of the NFT sales contributes to the Barista Bank, a community fund. Holders can access and potentially benefit from this shared resource.

3. Early access: Crypto Barista holders gain early access to novel products and services from The Coffee Bros., enabling them to be at the forefront of new developments.

With their combination of aesthetic appeal and value-added benefits, Crypto Baristas have rapidly gained immense popularity within the NFT market. In just a few months since its inception, the project has garnered over $10 million in sales and attracted a thriving community of over 100,000 members.

Crypto Dadz

Crypto Dadz is a collection of 10,000 distinct non-fungible tokens (NFTs) deployed on the Ethereum blockchain. Developed by the artist Chris P., these NFTs are generated through randomization algorithms, resulting in a diverse array of traits encompassing clothing, accessories, and backgrounds for each individual Crypto Dad.

By possessing a Crypto Dadz NFT, users gain privileged access to exclusive content and events, including entry into the Crypto Dadz Discord server and participation in the Crypto Dadz staking pool. Additionally, these unique digital assets can be freely traded on prominent NFT marketplaces like OpenSea, enabling users to engage in secondary market transactions.

As of now, the floor price for Crypto Dadz NFTs is 0.05 ETH, signifying the minimum value required to acquire one of these tokens. The substantial market capitalization of over $10 million exemplifies the considerable demand and market interest surrounding the Crypto Dadz collection.


CryptoKitties are non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that serve as unique representations of digital cats. Developed by Axiom Zen in 2017, CryptoKitties leverage the Ethereum blockchain as their underlying infrastructure. Each CryptoKitty possesses an individual set of genetic attributes, dictating its visual appearance and characteristics. Through the process of breeding, CryptoKitties can generate new offspring, with rarity classifications determined by their distinct genetic makeup.

The advent of CryptoKitties marked a pivotal milestone in the early adoption of NFT projects, facilitating the broader dissemination of blockchain technology. The overwhelming popularity of the game resulted in Ethereum network congestion and a subsequent surge in transaction fees.

In an effort to address scalability and efficiency concerns inherent to the Ethereum blockchain, CryptoKitties announced a migration plan in 2021, transitioning to a novel blockchain known as Flow. Flow stands as a purpose-built blockchain solution specifically catering to gaming and NFT ecosystems, showcasing enhanced scalability capabilities when compared to Ethereum.

Despite the blockchain transition, CryptoKitties retain their prominence as a sought-after NFT initiative, enjoying active trading on various NFT marketplaces. It is worth noting that the highest-valued CryptoKitty to date, named “Dragon,” an esteemed “Genesis Cat,” was sold for an astounding $190,000 in 2018.


CrypToadz is a renowned collection of 6,969 distinctive NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, all featuring endearing toad-themed designs. These captivating digital artworks were crafted by Gremplin, an artist who chooses to remain anonymous, and they made their debut on September 8, 2021. Each CrypToad possesses its own distinct characteristics, including varying facial expressions, clothing styles, and accessories.

Since its launch, CrypToadz has experienced a remarkable surge in popularity within the NFT community. In fact, numerous CryptoPunks owners have even adopted Toadz avatars for their Twitter profiles, highlighting the widespread appeal of the collection. One of the standout features of CrypToadz is its vibrant and supportive community, which has come together to organize several fundraising events in support of charitable causes.

As of March 8, 2023, the floor price for CrypToadz stands at 12 ETH, indicating a strong and stable market demand. Moreover, the highest recorded sale of a CrypToad reached an impressive price of 100 ETH, showcasing the value and recognition these unique NFTs have garnered.


CyberKongz is an immensely popular collection of 1,000 unique 2D/3D NFTs on the Solana blockchain. These captivating NFTs were conceptualized and developed by the esteemed team at Animoca Brands, capturing the attention of enthusiasts and swiftly gaining widespread recognition on the Solana blockchain.

The CyberKongz NFTs depict ape-like creatures endowed with a captivating array of traits, including diverse fur colors, stylish hats, and an assortment of accessories. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, these NFTs offer practical applications as well. They can be utilized as social avatars, enabling users to express their unique identities within virtual communities. Moreover, CyberKongz NFTs possess inherent gaming capabilities, allowing their owners to engage in interactive experiences and earn enticing rewards.

Alongside their functionality, CyberKongz NFTs have garnered significant attention in the realm of collectibles. The floor price of a CyberKongz NFT has exhibited consistent growth, catapulting the collection to become one of the most valuable and sought-after NFT projects on the Solana blockchain.

If you’re eager to acquire a CyberKongz NFT, you can participate in the vibrant marketplace of Magic Eden. Currently, the floor price for a CyberKongz NFT stands at 100 SOL, providing enthusiasts with an opportunity to join the thriving CyberKongz community and partake in the excitement surrounding this remarkable NFT collection.

Lazy Lions

Lazy Lions is a renowned collection of 10,000 distinct NFTs built on the Ethereum blockchain. Crafted by the innovative team at Mythical Games, the collection was introduced to the market in April 2021. The launch of Lazy Lions garnered immense attention, resulting in a remarkable accomplishment of over 10,000 NFTs being sold within the initial 24 hours.

Lazy Lions have gained widespread recognition for their relaxed demeanor and extraordinary designs. Each Lion possesses a unique amalgamation of fur colors, accessories, and backgrounds, augmenting their allure and desirability among collectors.

Holders of Lazy Lions NFTs are bestowed with exclusive benefits, further enhancing their ownership experience. These benefits include:

1. Early Access to New Mythical Games Products: As esteemed holders, individuals gain privileged access to the latest offerings and projects introduced by Mythical Games.

2. Voting Rights on Future Projects: Lazy Lions owners are actively involved in shaping the future trajectory of Mythical Games.

3. Royalty Share from Lazy Lion Merchandise Sales: By virtue of owning Lazy Lions NFTs, individuals are entitled to a portion of the proceeds generated from sales of Lazy Lion merchandise.

The combination of Lazy Lions’ distinct characteristics, limited supply, and the exclusive benefits accorded to NFT holders has contributed to their widespread popularity and desirability within the NFT community.


Meebits are a collection of 20,000 unique 3D voxel characters that were created by Larva Labs, the same team behind the highly successful CryptoPunks NFT project. Introduced in May 2021, Meebits quickly gained popularity within the NFT community. The floor price, which represents the lowest price at which a Meebit is currently listed for sale, soared to over 1 ETH (equivalent to around $3,000) by December 2021.

Each Meebit is a non-fungible token (NFT) stored on the Ethereum blockchain. Being an NFT, it possesses distinct ownership and can be bought, sold, and traded on decentralized exchanges. Additionally, Meebits have found utility as avatars in virtual worlds and various games.

In a significant development, Yuga Labs, the creators of the renowned Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT project, acquired the intellectual property rights for both Meebits and CryptoPunks from Larva Labs in March 2022. This acquisition was widely seen as a major accomplishment for Yuga Labs, as it granted the company ownership of two of the most highly sought-after NFT collections worldwide.

Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC)

Mutant Ape Yacht Club is a unique collection of 20,000 non-fungible tokens (NFTs) built on the Ethereum blockchain. Yuga Labs, the team behind the renowned Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), created this collection. Similar to BAYC, MAYC NFTs consist of profile pictures of apes, but with a distinct mutant theme. These mutants possess eye-catching features such as glowing eyes, cybernetic implants, and fur with various vibrant colors.

The launch of MAYC NFTs took place in August 2021. To distribute the first set of 10,000 NFTs, Yuga Labs employed a Dutch auction mechanism. This process involved starting the price high and gradually reducing it until all NFTs were sold. The remaining 10,000 NFTs were airdropped to holders of BAYC NFTs who exposed their apes to a vial of Mutant Serum, a clever and interactive way to reward the existing BAYC community.

Since its inception, the MAYC collection has experienced significant popularity. The floor price, indicating the lowest available price for a MAYC NFT, currently stands at approximately 16 ETH. The community surrounding MAYC is recognized as one of the most active and engaged communities within the NFT space. Its members actively participate in various discussions, events, and collaborations, fostering a vibrant and supportive atmosphere.

Overall, Mutant Ape Yacht Club has garnered attention and acclaim for its distinctive mutant-themed NFTs, innovative distribution methods, and a passionate community that continues to drive the growth and success of the project.

Noun NFTs

Noun NFTs are a collection of 10,000 non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with dimensions of 32×32 pixels, residing on the Ethereum blockchain. They were originally minted by an artist named “Nouns” on March 17, 2022. What makes each Noun NFT special is its distinctiveness, created through a combination of over 200 unique attributes. This amalgamation of traits has captured the attention of collectors and investors, propelling the floor price of a Noun NFT to over 10 ETH.

Beyond their artistic value, Noun NFTs are part of a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). This DAO empowers Noun NFT owners with voting rights, enabling them to participate in the project’s management. Already, the DAO has successfully allocated funds to several endeavors, including generative art, a music project, and a book project.

Although still in its early stages, Noun NFTs have made a significant impact within the NFT landscape. They represent a groundbreaking and inventive initiative that has the potential to reshape our perception of NFTs.

The Sneaky Vampire Syndicate (SVS)

The Sneaky Vampire Syndicate is an exclusive collection of 8,888 unique non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that was launched in September 2021. This project was born out of the passion and vision of a group of friends who wanted to explore the possibilities of the crypto space and NFTs.

One of the standout features of SVS NFTs is that they are all meticulously hand-drawn by the talented artist Migwashere. Migwashere’s distinct artistic style has garnered praise and admiration from both collectors and enthusiasts in the NFT community.

Each SVS NFT possesses its own set of distinct traits, which include clothing, accessories, and facial expressions. This characteristic ensures that every NFT in the collection is truly unique and serves as a one-of-a-kind collectible.

Beyond their artistic value, SVS NFTs also provide practical utility to their holders. By staking their SVS NFTs, owners can earn $BLOOD, the native token of the SVS ecosystem. The $BLOOD tokens can then be utilized for various purposes, such as purchasing exclusive merchandise related to the SVS project, gaining access to members-only events, and participating in voting processes that shape the future development of the SVS project.

NBA Top Shot

NBA Top Shot is an innovative digital collectibles platform that enables users to engage in buying, selling, and trading NBA-themed NFTs (non-fungible tokens). NFTs are unique digital assets that cannot be replicated and are securely stored on the Flow blockchain.

At the heart of NBA Top Shot are “Top Shot Moments,” which serve as digital collectibles representing NBA video clips and digital art. These Moments come in various rarities, ranging from Common to Legendary. The rarity of a Moment directly impacts its value, with the most rare Moments often commanding significant prices, sometimes reaching hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Users have the option to acquire Top Shot Moments through packs or via the marketplace. Packs are periodically released and contain a random assortment of Moments. The marketplace allows users to directly engage in buying and selling Moments with one another.

NBA Top Shot has emerged as a popular platform for NBA enthusiasts to amass and trade digital memorabilia. Additionally, the platform has drawn the attention of numerous investors who speculate on the future value of Top Shot Moments.


VeeFriends is a curated collection comprising 268 meticulously hand-drawn characters, meticulously crafted by Gary Vaynerchuk. Each character embodies distinct human qualities that Gary deeply admires, including kindness, creativity, and curiosity. These artistic creations were subsequently transformed into non-fungible tokens (NFTs), granting them unique digital ownership and provenance.

Since its initial release in May 2021, the VeeFriends NFT collection has rapidly surged in popularity, swiftly establishing itself as one of the most coveted and in-demand collections within the NFT market.

Acquiring VeeFriends NFTs confers a range of exclusive benefits upon the holders:

1. VeeCon Access: As esteemed holders of VeeFriends NFTs, individuals gain exclusive entry to VeeCon, an annual conference meticulously orchestrated by Gary Vaynerchuk himself.

2. Early Access to Novel Offerings: VeeFriends NFT holders enjoy privileged early access to novel products and services introduced by VeeFriends.

3. Participation in Community Events: Holders of VeeFriends NFTs actively partake in diverse community events thoughtfully organized by VeeFriends.

4. Royalty Earnings from Merchandise Sales: VeeFriends NFT holders are afforded the extraordinary prospect of earning royalties from the sales of VeeFriends merchandise.

In essence, ownership of VeeFriends NFTs confers a distinctive and unparalleled opportunity to partake in an animated community, exclusive access to curated events, early exposure to pioneering innovations, and the potential to reap financial rewards. The amalgamation of owning digital artwork with the added allure of community involvement and access to real-world experiences truly distinguishes the VeeFriends NFT collection as a veritable pinnacle within the domain of digital assets.

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Ques 1. What is the highest NFT sold for?

Ans: Till date the highest NFT sold is the ‘The Merge’ It was sold at $91.8 million on NFT platform Nifty Gateway in December 2021.

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Ans: The Best Crypto for NFT is the Ethereum(ETH), as it is the most widely used crypto.


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